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XBig Tiny URL Service

Tiny URL is easier to post on blogs or forums. Make email friendly URLs. Simplify links to your website. Hide an affiliate link. Create personal or unique addresses using a keyword. XBig turns a ridiculously long URL into a tiny URL... short, meaningful and permanent.

Enter a long URL that you want to make tiny



Will a short URL ever expire?
The short links that we provide will never expire as long as they are active. "Active" simply means clicked on at least once per year. If it receives no clicks within one year of its last usage, the link will be automatically deleted. Since short URLs are sometimes made for one-time or limited use, our procedure of deleting dead links is only meant to filter out such disposable URLs... keeping the database open for your active URLs.

Why to use BigX

Shorten a Long URL*359109

Into a Tiny URL

Which one is better?
Obviously, the Tiny URL is much easier to memorize or work with. It fits where space is limited such as IRC channel topics, text messages or email signatures. A Tiny URL is perfect for posting to a blog or forum. Hide Myspace URLs. Create profiles for Facebook or other social websites. Share URLs through email and not worry about links wrapping or breaking.